Our environmental policy

Unique and eco-friendly, the Gâtines Training centre is designed from an ecological standpoint. To take greater care of the environment, the building, over-insulated, is built of terracotta and wood, mixing natural and healthy materials to limit energy consumption.

We are constantly looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment:

  • hot water is produced by solar panels;
  • rainwater is collected for watering;
  • room lighting operates by detection;
  • our polluting emissions (wastewater, carbon dioxide, etc.) are limited;
  • production of wastes is controlled as much as possible and we try to make the best use of them.
An eco-friendly policy which is "European Eco Label" certified.

In our relationships with our suppliers, we aim to work with eco-friendly partners with whom we give priority to procuring the least polluting products and services: recycled, recyclable and with a short production or transport cycle.

We regularly set precise new targets for improving our management of the centre and ensure they are achieved. Each member of the staff is involved in reaching the targets we set ourselves.

We make our customers aware and try to get them to comply with our approach so that they too can help in preserving the environment. We take on board their opinions so that we can improve even more.

Our environmental policy has been recognised as compliant and "European Eco Label" certified by AFNOR (registration number FR/051/355).
Visit the site www.ecolabel.fr for more information about obtaining this ecological label.

Throughout your seminar or conference, you will appreciate the comfort of the Gâtines centre and will be able to work calmly in its perfectly laid out and equipped eco-friendly surroundings.

Please contact us for more information.